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Besides learning a new skill, you will have a great time, meet other people who share your interests and enjoy what you produce.
Only limited spaces per workshop will be offered, so if you are interested, please enquire. (see contact page- click here>>)
The dates and cost of these workshops to be announced.


The Basic Cheese making Course is designed for the beginning cheese maker and those who have never made cheese before. The course will include an introduction to goat milk, Feta cheese, Quark, Chèvre dairy cultures, and the steps in cheese making . We will spend two days  in my dairy making cheese the old fashioned way, by hand. We limit the course to 6 participants to ensure everyone receives individual attention.

Cheese making workshop topics may include:







2. GOAT KEEPING AND CHEESE MAKING: from Milking to Consuming

Goat keeping is an great business and the owner should look at the goats as equal partners. Our goats and their lambs make life on the farm very interesting and often provide moments of sheer humour. In our workshops we will learn what it means to be a goat farmer and how to make good use of goat's milk. We will also talk about milk from healthy, free roaming animals in the production of  functional foods that not only enhance one's immune system but fight degenerative diseases.

Only 12 persons can participate in this course; please contact me early if you want to sign up.(see contact page, click here>>)

What you will learn:


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