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Feta Cheese is ideal in the preparation of pasta recipes

Shell pasta filled with spinach and feta cheese

Ingredients for 4 persons

20 gr. large pasta shells
1 tablesp. oil
500gr Spinach leaves, chopped (you can also use callaloo leaves)
1 large onion, chopped finely
2 slices bacon, cut up finely
500gr  feta cheese
black pepper to taste
salt (about 1/4 teasp)
60gr grated parmesan cheese, preferably fresh
250 gr pasta sauce (preferably from a glass jar)



1. Cook the pasta shells in boiling salted water "al dente" and drain.

2. Heat oil in frying pan, brown the bacon and the onion, add spinach and saute on medium heat. Now crumble feta cheese into the mixture and heat through. Take off the fire and add salt and pepper to taste.

3.Fill the pasta shells with the mixture and top with grated parmesan cheese Place on a lightly oiled or with wax paper covered baking sheet and grill in oven at medium temperature until the cheese is light brown.

4. Heat pasta sauce on high heat in sauce pan. Spread sauce on serving plates, place the filled pasta shells on top, serve hot.


Pasta Casserole with Feta, Cheese and Cream


500 gr Fussili (Spiral noodles)
600 ml. Cream
4 Eggs
250 gr Feta, crumbled
2 tablesp. flour
1 teasp nutmeg
150 gr grated cheddar or mozzarella cheese
1 tablesp olive oil


1.) Cook the pasta shells in boiling salted water "al dente" and drain. Retain 250 ml of the cooking fluid and cool.

2.) Preheat oven to 200°. Rub olive oil onto the bottom and sides of a casserole dish

3. Beat the cream with the eggs, the flour and the cooled water from the pasta and add black pepper and nutmeg.

4) Layer the cooled pasta and the crumbled feta cheese, alternately, in the oiled casserole dish and pour the cream mixture over. Then scatter the grated cheese on top and bake the casserole 30 - 40 mins until it hast just set and the crust is golden brown.

Coloured Frittata with Ochroe, Mushrooms, Corn and Feta-vegetarian style

Ingredients for about 4 persons

150gr corn flour
100gr wheat flour
4-6 eggs, depending on the size
200 ml. milk
100 ml. whey or mineral water or champagne
salt, pepper, thyme

2-3 tablesps vegetable oil
16 small ochroes
1 small can corn
200 gr fresh champignon mushrooms
1 bunch scallions
3 fresh red paprika pepper (sweet pepper)
2 tablesp sesame seeds
500 gr Feta



1) Prepare dough from ingredients and let stand 10 minutes

2) Wipe mushrooms and cut in half. Clean scallions and cut into small rings. Cut sweet pepper into strips, remove stems and seeds. Wash ochroes and, if possible, leave whole.

3) First saute mushrooms in the oil, add sweet pepper, then ochroes and corn, the scallions last and saute on low heat.

4. Heat oil in a teflon coated frying pan on medium heat, add a thin layer of the dough mixture and spread over the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle a small amount of the vegetable mixture on top and some crumbled feta cheese and let the egg mixture set. Then pour a thin layer of dough over the top of the vegetable mixture and slide pancake carefully on a plate. Add some more oil to the pan and re introduce the pancake, upside down, to the pan so that the still raw dough will now fry.

Continue until all pancakes have been fried. Place the finished pancakes in a 60° oven to keep them warm. Serve the Frittata  on plates with the Feta facing top. Slightly roast the sesame seeds in a pan and sprinkle on over the pancakes. Serve with green salad.

Blinis with Feta

Ingredients for dough as for above recipe

For the filling about 500gr Feta


1) Prepare dough as for the recipe above

2) Crumble Feta

3) Fry small Blinis, about 3 inches in diameter and top with crumbled Feta. Fry on both sides until cheese is light brown

4) Fold Blinis over and serve with a dip made from goat milk quark mixed with ground garlic

Serve with a green salad




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