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Our Goat's Milk Products

Goat's Milk Information

Goat's milk is a very good source of calcium and the amino acid tryptophan. It is also a good source of protein, phosphorus, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and potassium.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of goat's milk, however, is that some people who cannot tolerate cow's milk are able to drink goat's milk without any problems. It is not clear from scientific research studies exactly why some people can better tolerate goat's milk. Some initial studies suggested that specific proteins known to cause allergic reactions may have been present in cow's milk in significant quantities yet largely absent in goat's milk. The alpha-casein proteins, including alpha s1-casein, and the beta-casein proteins were both considered in this regard. However, more recent studies suggest that the genetic wiring for these casein proteins is highly variable in both cows and goats and that more study is needed to determine the exact role these proteins might play in the tolerability of goat's milk versus cow's milk.

Other research has found some anti-inflammatory compounds (short-chain sugar molecules called oligosaccharides) to be present in goat's milk. These oligosaccharides may make goat's milk easier to digest, especially in the case of compromised intestinal function. In animal studies, goat's milk has also been shown to enhance the metabolism of both iron and copper, especially when there are problems with absorption of minerals in the digestive tract. These factors and others are likely to play an important role in the tolerability of goat's milk versus cow's milk. Allergy to cow's milk has been found in many people with conditions such as recurrent ear infections, asthma, eczema, and even rheumatoid arthritis. Replacing cow's milk with goat's milk may help to reduce some of the symptoms of these conditions.

What is Functional Food?

Food that has other functions in addition to the usual. Such as to promote health and wellness and to reduce the risk of illness. Fresh fermented milk products can be classified as Functional Food.


Goat's Milk Yogurt

Our Goat milk Yogurt is a must. We start it with special live cultures. You could call it "pro-biotic". No dry milk powder has been added. We use no extracts or other artificial tastemakers. Many people who are allergic to cow's milk can drink goat milk and eat products made from goat milk without concern.



Feta Cheese



Made from 100% pasteurized Goat's Milk, Salt, Vegetable Rennet, Cultures, Calcium Chloride. Our Feta is less salty than usual with a rich taste and silky consistency. It can not only be used in salads but also in the preparation of hot meals.Our cheese has been tested several times and has been classified as "World-Class Feta".

This products comes  with Greek seasoning or Italian seasoning and sells by weight.

The whey (by-product of cheese making) is being used in baking. See Bakery products page>>click here


Feta Cheese


Tobago Chèvre

Fresh Goat Cheese with creamy garlic and dill heart



Goat Milk Quark
(in Trinidad and Tobago also called cream cheese)

There is no better quark than goat milk quark. Without additional cream it is creamy and soft. Enriched with spices and seasonings it becomes a bread spread or a topping for baked potatoes. Sheer poetry!!

whey drink

Whey Drinks

From the whey we produce fruity drinks, using local fruit.
What makes whey so valuable?
The whey proteins, essential components of the whey, count on the basis of their amino acid composition to the most valuable proteins in nutrition. With their high content in essential amino acids they are suitable to upgrade other proteins, especially those of vegetable origin. Sweet whey has a rich vitamin content, especially in the B-group- B2, B12, B1 and B6.

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