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Baked Goods

Bread, Cakes and Cookies

For at least eight thousand years people have been baking bread. Many years ago man had only stone wear to his disposal with which he prepared the bread, cut and threshed the wheat. In our modern time of mass production homemade bread is a rarity. One has forgotten what such bread tastes like. Here in Trinidad and Tobago one only knows wheat bread and because there is not exactly a wide variety of bread toppings available, one craves good bread.
With our bread we are producing yet another health food. Whey from our cheese production is being used in the preparation of our bread and cakes. Furthermore, products such as goat milk butter, quark, cream and also our fresh farm eggs are being used in our cakes.

You can buy the following items directly from the farm. Please phone me to place your orders well in advance: 660 7761





Christmas Cookies and Breads

Bags, left to right:
Spiced Peanut Sticks
Honey Lebkuchen
Coco Kisses
Peanut cookies

Also, along the top of the plate:
Date Fingers

In addition to these items you can order:
Chocolate tipped cookies
Vanilla crescents

banana chocolate cake


Banana/Chocolate Cake

This cake is made with great ingredients. The native Silk Fig Banana, soaked in rum, is the main ingredient. Added to it is mainly goat milk butter and the farm eggs from our farm give it a nice yellow colour. Only a little flour is used to bind the mixture and consequently the dough is light and fruity. Native seasonings round off the taste. The banana cake can also be decorated and become a festive pastry , e.g. a birthday cake.

cheese cake


Grandmother's Cheesecake

This cake has nothing in common with the commercially available "Cheese Cake" in this country. We don't use any prepared dough or mixtures. The bottom is a great butter dough. The filling is made from goat milk quark, mixed with our farm eggs, a little sugar and flour. On request cherries or raisins can be added.

Black forest cheesecake


Black Forest Cheesecake

This is the same as the cheesecake above, with the addition of a layer of chocolate biscuit with cherries and cherry liqueur.

black forest cake slice

Black Forest Cake (Traditional)

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