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June 17, 2010

I decided to completely remodel my homepage. The web designer came from Trinidad to Tobago and we sat together and thought up the best ways to make this happen. She also took some new photos.

18 July, 2010
So many years have passed without my having updated the news section. I did not think that I would like to write down private information in an on-line journal. My position has not dramatically changed in the meantime, but I feel a bit more relaxed about it. Maybe I will write about it when everything is over.

19 July, 2010
My lovely little Suzuki Jeep is getting old. I have to do something before the flooring gets too rusty and I simply fall through.
Two car mechanics from Trinidad work on the necessary rejuvenation right here at the farm. I am hoping that the Jeep will look as NEW!! after they are finished with it. I thought it a bit risky to let a Tobago garage handle the job. The last time I had body work done to my old pick-up, they kept the vehicle for more than four months and I was unable to drive it.



26 July, 2010

It was great to see how, step by step, a car can be brought back to a first class condition! Those two could really work, a new experience for me.

Here is the progress:

The finished jeep- looking like new







12 August 2010

Yesterday, my darling Maxi died. He was only 4 years old.

Already two years ago he had problems to urinate. At that time he was treated with medication only. Apparently many castrated tomcats develop stones in the urinary tract.
I now wish I had insisted on surgery at that time. Now it was much too late.

I saw the first signs of trouble yesterday morning and tried to find a vet, but everybody was closed. Finally, in the afternoon he was operated upon, because a simple flushing out of the stones via his penis was not  anymore possible. Sadly, he died while under anaesthesia.

The  lady vet had already warned me that there was hardly any hope for survival. His bladder was completely black and his relentless nausea was a sign that there was poison (urine) in his blood stream.

I am very sad......



Maxi loved to play with Punky


14 August, 2010


............and after Death there is Life.

Today, Emma has given us two Surprise Babies. Only about 4 weeks ago I noticed that she was pregnant. I have no idea where she has met the buck.

In any case, I was definitely not responsible for this mating. Sometime in March she must have met the "Buck of her Dreams". I suspect that, because of this past extremely dry season, a goat farmer who lives far away has tied his buck in our neighbourhood. My goats don't roam that far away. Now we have two more kids. Pity though that they are both boys.

I would like to have kept Emma's daughters, because she is a great milk goat.



Emma's Kids




To top off the weekend ( and this week wasn't  all that hot already!) we found a giant snake in the chicken coop in the morning. He (it was a male snake) had at least 2 chickens in his belly.

I really can do without this type of thing: every two weeks a visit from such a monster in my chicken coop. Thank God he only got hold of some of the chickens. Emma's newborn twins are also in a box in the same pens the snake visited and they were lying pretty close to the edge of the box. At his size it would have been child's play to consume them. However, right after the birth of the twin boys I sprinkled gasoline around the box as a repellant.

The snake was a boa constrictor and at least twelve feet long - a bit of a larger model! Helpers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Division, came and picked the monster up. A good thing such an institute exists.


Boa Constrictor




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