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To top off the weekend ( and this week wasn't  all that hot already!) we found a giant snake in the chicken coop in the morning. He (it was a male snake) had at least 2 chickens in his belly.

I really can do without this type of thing: every two weeks a visit from such a monster in my chicken coop. Thank God he only got hold of some of the chickens. Emma's newborn twins are also in a box in the same pens the snake visited and they were lying pretty close to the edge of the box. At his size it would have been child's play to consume them. However, right after the birth of the twin boys I sprinkled gasoline around the box as a repellant.

The snake was a boa constrictor and at least twelve feet long - a bit of a larger model! Helpers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Division, came and picked the monster up. A good thing such an institute exists.


Boa Constrictor



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