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N e w s      2007

14th February 2007

When I look back on 2006, I have to say it was quite a successful year. It did not start overly fantastic, but finished great. My helper, who has been with me since the year before, left me on short notice. He got married to the Swiss girl who worked here as an aide, so he would be able to travel to Europe. I am sure he learned in the meantime how comparatively simple life on Tobago was and what it means to be a foreigner in Europe.

For me this meant once more to work by myself and this for a prolonged period. Sometime later I was able to find another helper. After the initial  training time I was able to see what a great help Kerron was. He especially takes good care of the animals and also  in other areas I can depend fully on Kerron.

My good reputation has further increased and I have no problems selling new offspring.Even on the other island, Trinidad, my goat farm is known. Some people get together to buy my cheese and take it to Trinidad. It would be nice to produce sufficient milk to be able to service the Trinidad market.

The annual  mating season has begun, unfortunately with bad luck. A friend lent me his Nubian Buck and on his arrival day he made two of the girls happy. The following morning he was found with a broken leg in his box. He probably got his leg squeezed between two slats and then tried to jump up. This shows how badly goat are being kept in Tobago. The buck probably only got just the barest minimum in nutrients when he was growing up. Actually he looks quite beautiful, but rather skinny. Since he is at our farm we are trying to fatten him up a bit, but he does not gain an ounce looks emaciated. He started to put weight on his leg, but still hobbles a bit.

The Saanan Buck Jim has produced better results.  He was here 3 weeks, lent to me by a farmer from Union and he has mated with many girls. We are looking forward to the offspring which are expected from the beginning of June.

Ombra- Anglo Nubian Buck

Jim- Saanan, hornless


For 2007  I have many plans. I especially want to start the construction of my Café "Crème Cheese".


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