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Daily Happenings on my little farm

New feed house and carport

Inspired by my girlfriend Luise, I am finally writing down my day to day experiences on my little farm.

There will be funny, dramatic, very normal and surely also sometimes very sad stories. Life with and for Goats can be very exciting, at least for me.

My writings could also be a balance to my daily work, because good books I would like to read are difficult to obtain in Tobago and at this moment I have run out of reading material. So I will write instead! Animal lovers may like my stories and I also would like to offer my grandchildren Luca and Til the opportunity to see what my daily life is like.

News 22 August 2006 - 18 September 2006

Monday, 18 September 2006

In the middle of July a t.v. production team from Sancoche came from Trinidad to film the cheese making process. The farm and I were presented and my Feta cheese was declared the best tasting cheese far and wide.
This Sancoche episode was broadcast on Sunday, 17 September and is surely a good advertisement for me. The name of the presentation is Sancoche with producer Mariel Brown. The work was fun, even if I never perspired so much in my dairy before. Also see publications- click here

Friday  15 September 2006 

Last week Wednesday my blind Goat, Blindi, had kids for the second time.
This time she had three:two girls and a boy. beautiful Anglo Nubian Mixtures.

Blindi is a British Alpine and was born without eyes. "Real Farmers" would have euthanised such an animal, of course. I am happy that she lives. She is a good mother and also produces a lot of milk.

A regional t.v. station from Trinidad was at my farm at the beginning of this year and Blindi was one of the animals they filmed. After they show people called me to tell me how happy they were I kept Blindi alive. Later the kids will be the eyes of their mother. All four will be allowed to graze near the stalls.

Gerade geboren
Just born, the ears don't know yet
whether they want to stand up or hang down

Bhalu- Here we are already 5 days old




Yippee, our Farm has a new Lady peacock.  "Picci 2" has adjusted beautifully to her new home and husband Piccolo, I believe, is also pretty happy.


Piccolo 2
At the moment Piccolo is not able to make a wheel
           because he has no tail feathers

Thursday, 1 September 2006 

Yesterday my dog Sonia learned a lesson. She and Mikel keep running outside on the road. Even though it is only a sand track, the vehicles travel pretty fast over it. Both dogs have taken a dislike to certain vehicles and practically attack them while barking loudly.

A motorcycle rider who passes by daily, probably had enough and somehow, at high speed, struck Sonia. Either with his foot or the cycle, I don't know, I only heard him shouting and then Sonia's loud howling. Now she is resting in a box, probably in pain. I cannot see any obvious injury, only some abrasions. Thank God she is still alive, I think she will survive. Clearly this was a lesson, when she is not running outside Mikel also does not leave the property.


Petra with Mikel, Motte and Sonia
Little "rat" Sonia

Today I tried to order a tractor from the government. Of course, shortly after midday nobody was left in the government office to talk to me. This will be a hassle until I finally will meet somebody.

A tractor has to come and cut the high brush which has grown tall within a short period of time. This procedure has to happen twice annually, but because of the above mentioned problems of meeting up with anybody at their office, I usually only manage to accomplish once per year.

The cutting of the high grass keeps the snakes off the pens. Around this time last year there  were two large boa constrictors in the chicken house. Soon both had swallowed two chickens each. Unfortunately we had to kill the snakes, they were already pretty large and probably might have killed a young goat this year to satisfy their appetite. This is one of the things I learned here: to kill snakes with a cutlass. Normally I am not able to kill any animals

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

I just came from downstairs from the dairy where I washed the wares. It is already almost 10 pm and the couch is calling me.

The tile layer has completed his work and I painted the walls. I need to find somebody who can paint the windows, doors and ceiling. I am not very good at that kind of painting.

Today I have to report a sad story: Picci, the lady peacock was found dead below the house. Now I am wondering what killed her? I hope she did not eat the ticks I took off Mikel. They probably were infused with the tick poison I put between the dog's shoulder blades. I will have to get a new wife for the male peacock, Piccolo, otherwise he will fly away.

Today we had  a lot of rain, animals and humans alike were constantly totally wet. I am fed up with the rain.


Tuesday, 22 August 2006

When I woke up my first thought was: "Oh my God, who is that screaming so?"
It started as a duet and became a quintet. Sire Jero had given me daughters who announced their heat by crying loudly. They are multicoloured beautiful girls, but terrible noise makers.

Daddy Jero
Daughter Pilou
Daughter Lilly in the background


At milking time we nearly have to don earplugs. Only when you stroke or pet the goats do they become calm.

This means for one or two days the girls have to be separated from the rest of the herd in the garden, or they will become too restless. The girls pretend to be boys and mount each other. The little bucks, only 2 months old, become animated and leave their mothers' skirts to sniff the girls in heat.

Yes, goats are like people: precocious, in search for only "One Thing".

Of course it would have been too much to ask to have everything run smoothly in the garden. Coats are compulsive nibblers and this time it was my laundry. Newly washed curtains were hanging on the line to dry. One curtain got a green rim at the bottom  and probably some more holes in the lace.

So many eatable things grow in the garden, but it is much more exciting to eat other stuff.



Tomcat Sammy had 10 exciting minutes on his otherwise sleepy day. As usual, he was sleeping on top of my car (photo above).

Today I somehow did not see him there when I drove off. He just remained there, so he got a shaky ride over the uneven road until we reached the main road. Suddenly I heard a loud meow. The drive probably became a bit daring for him, lying on the dizzy heights on top of my car.

Tomcat Maxi, recently castrated,  is finally allowed outside. But he returns very obediently almost immediately when I call him.

Mikel, whose real name is Scamp, roams too much through the woods, as usual. The expensive flea and tick medicines are useless.

So every day I spend time to remove ticks from him . As if I had nothing else to do!

Something from the near past; the tile layer came and promised to finish the job today. This was last month the largest investment in the house. Now the dairy kitchen looks beautiful and hygienic.


A brush cutter was bought and Kirron is able to cut the grass electrically. Kirron is my new helper who works for about 5 weeks on the farm. I hope he stays a while because he is a good worker.We both miss Petra  from Germany. She worked here 5 weeks was very upbeat and helpful. We wish for her speedy return!

Petra and Kirron wash a kid
  Petra and Krümel

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