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About the Ranch

Orange Hill Nature Ranch is a former sugar estate in the heart of the Caribbean island of Tobago
Dutch settlers founded the Orange Hill Sugar plantation in 1647 and it was named after the Dutch Royal  House of Orange. Over the next 300 years the estate changed hands with each different occupation of the island, either France or England. During their occupation the French housed their Governor at the Plantation. The remains of his family still repose in their tombs on Grave Hill. The Wooden Great House was built on the ruins of a Dutch fort.

The Plantation has been a family business of the Crooks family for more than 130 years.
Until about 60 years ago sugarcane was still grown here. After that one tried for a short time to turn the farm into a coconut plantation and a cow farm.

In the past few years almost all land was sold and orange Hill Nature Ranch now exists on only 3.5 acres of land. The estate was sold to real estate sharks which want to turn the area into a housing development. They are still waiting on permission to build and illegal excavation was stopped by the government.

In 1999 I took over the farm and brought it back to life. In that year I bought my first goats and began to build my herd.
After my husband left the farm in 2002, I continued to run the farm by myself. With lots of perseverance I built up the business and gained a good name with my high quality products.
The basics of cheese making I had already learned way back in Germany. I taught myself new techniques from books and by trial and error.

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