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Deana cutting grass for our "home stayers"


Once every year my goats have lambs, usually toward the end od the dry season may/june, so that the milk will be sufficient at year's end. With goats the gestation period is about 145 days. This means the bucks get a great Christmas gift: they are allowed to mount all the girls.
In the middle of the year we go full throttle. About 40 - 50 lambs are born. No goatmother is left alone at the time of birth. It is not often that a goat gives birth in secrecy. Triplets and quadruplets are no rarity on our farm. Although not desired, the mothers often surprise us with multiple births thanks to our good care!

Now this means work. Not only am I present at all the births, I also supervise the after-care until the first steps of the lambs.The first intake of the lamb from the udder of the mother is vital. The content of valuable antibodies in the milk reduces already several hours after the birth. Therefore the lambs have to drink this milk as soon as possible and as much as possible.

At multiple births one lamb or the other often does not get sufficient milk from the mother. Then the mother has to be aided. I like to have equally strong lambs and none should stay back in its development. A baby bottle is used as substitute. Furthermore, my lambs stay longer than usual with their mother. I think that one cannot speak of "proper animal husbandry" if one separates the lambs from their mothers after a scant two weeks and bottlefeeds them.

Till born 10.06.2006 


Farina born 5.02.2006  


Nils born  24.05.2006 


Nariva Nil's sister

Feli  born 2004 
1. Preis der Anglo Nubian Female
*World Food Day 2005 *  



The animal called Goat

Hardly any other house animal has received as bad a reputation as the goat. From where originate the bad names and figure of speech in our language?

Scapegoat- to be held responsible for other people's deeds
Get someone's goat- to irritate somebody
Old goat- an old lecherous man
Separate the sheep from the goats- separate the inferior members of a group (the goats) from the superior members
Act the goat- fool around
A goat- a fool
Put goat mouth on somebody or something - Talk about something bad before it actually happens and then it will happen

Yet, the goat is one of the most intelligent of the ruminants. She is constantly testing her adversaries and senses every uneasiness and nervousness in her keeper. She is curious, friendly and very capable in all matters. It is a joy to watch goats jump, run and play together. Sometimes it appears as if they put on a show just for the benefit of the observer.

It is a constant challenge to keep goats. Only if one loves animals and as such goats, one can rise to that challenge successfully.

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