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About Me

From a very early age I spent my holidays on farms. I wanted my future profession to have something to do with animals, but there was not a very good scope in this field of study at that time and I became something else altogether. I was very successful at my studied profession of Home Economist and worked in Germany's largest Catering company as a manager. Healthy nutrition and good varied meals were my main concern in the catering business.

HACCP and Din ISO 9002 then entered the professional kitchens and were implemented. This helped the employers to gain top billing in the market, but made bureaucrats out of creative co-workers. The planned standardization and wrong way of thinking wanted to turn good creative workers into robots and ultimately the kitchens, into vending machines. This I could not endure! Holidays on the island of Tobago reminded me of my life's dream. Hence, the new beginnings in Tobago and my life with the goats. I have a great love for my animals and my willingness to care for them does not end after just five days.
My aim today is to bring people closer to nature again.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a preventive system of food control. It involves examining and analysing every stage of a food-related operation to identify and assess hazards; determining the 'critical control points' at which action is required to control the identified hazards; establishing the critical limits that must be met at, and procedures to monitor, each critical control point; establishing corrective procedures when a deviation is identified by monitoring; documentation of the HACCP plan and verification procedures to establish that it is working correctly.


DIN ISO 9002

German quality management and quality assurance system with headquarters in Berlin.
The registered association works like a sort of "round table" at which manufacturers, consumers, hand workers, trade, service oriented businesses, scientists, technical supervision-organisation and the government sit together to formulate standard techniques and norms.

The rules cover rationalisation, quality control, security and the environment. These basic German norms are also accepted by foreign countries.


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