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Welcome to the Internet home of my Goat Dairy in the Caribbean island of Tobago.

I am happy to show you everything that has to do with milk goats and milk products. Of course, there are also interesting anecdotes to report about my other animals which play an important role in my life on the goat farm.
The farm lies above the city of Scarborough, the capital of Tobago, sourrounded by much greenery and original nature. One can spot the sea from the farm if the weather is clear: on one side of the island the Caribbean Sea and the other side the Atlantic Ocean.

In the past the farm was a cow farm, followed by a horse farm and then it was abandoned for many years.

Today, the former sugar estate is home to about 50 goats: a Tobago mix of milk goats  with origins in  Saanen, British Alpine and Anglo Nubian. Part of the sugar factory has become a small Dairy and a rustic wooden house with lots of glass windows has been erected on top of what remained of the old ruin walls.
We produce Feta cheese, Quark and Yogurt from the goat's milk. We also make fruit yogurt from cow's milk. The whey is being used in baking bread and other bakery items.

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